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Trek - Day Three Bear Country

We drove from DC into Bear Country in Pennsylvania. As we were almost at the campsite it began to rain, which was the beginning of a few rainy nights for us. We stopped off at a supermarket on the way to buy ponchos coz a lot of us (including me) didnt bring rain jackets. Yes i know a Mount Gambier girl should know better.

Karin, Phil and Veronika all set for the rain.

Me Heidi and Milissa in our very stylish plastic ponchos

Alwin, Heidi and Thor.

Michaela, Kerstin, Cris and Veronika.

Neal doing the manly thing; starting the fire.

Our tents all set up.

Michaela, Heidi and me trying to organise ourselves cooking hamburgers.

Behind the smoke of the fire is me and my team cooking the burgers.

Everyone sitting round the table after dinner.

Me, Thor and Tatiana