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Trek - Day Four Niagara

One day four we went for a hike before we hit the road and drove to Niagara. Niagara falls was simply beautiful it is well worth the visit.

Everyone walking...

For those of you who didnt believe me here is a photo of the black bear that came through our campsite at 6 oclock in the morning. there are more photos of it on Alwins site.

Me and Mil near the sign at the end. Yes we made it to the end.

People stopping so me and Mil can catch up. Yes i realised how incredibly unfit i am.

Me Mil and Heidi with the American Falls in the background.

Me standing near the horse shoe part of the falls

cave of the winds tour. Lots of fun, you get really wet.

You can see Canada in the background.

it doesnt matter about getting wet coz they give you these beautiful bright yellow ponchos. Oh and water shoes too.

cave of the winds tour again...

the falls.

Everyone going up the steps. Neal at the top he enjoyed getting wet.