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Day Four Continued

Location: Niagara, USA

Niagara falls deserves two pages, i couldnt decide what photos to cut out so i didn't. That Neal took those of us who had the right visas over the border to Canada. It is a spectacular view from the Canadian side and they shine coloured spotlights on it at night which is really pretty, the photos of that didnt turn out though.
My friend Alwin has the best photos of Niagara on his site. Heres the link to it:

Everyone taking a rest

the whole group near the American falls

Tatiana, Heidi, me, Phil and Alwin

Milissa and Heidi. those are the American falls behind them.

Me and Mil in our maid of the mist ponchos. Yes i am aware of how dorky this photo is but i dont mind sharing the laughter around.

Heidi, Mil, Kerstin and Tatiana

I love this photo. it was taken from the lookout platform.

Me, Tatiana, Phil and Alwin.

Mil in Canada.

Me, Thor, Mil, Heidi, Phil, Michaela, Veronika and Heidi with one foot in the USA and one in Canada.

Niagara at night from the American side taken by Alwin.

Cris, Kerstin, Tatiana and Karen who stayed on the American side. With Alwin who im guessing took the photo.