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FBI Academy Continued

Here's some more pics from outside that i couldnt fit on the other page :)

a sign...

Hogans alley is a little 'fake city' that the FBI built for training. They had Hollywood set designers help them build it, it did feel you're walking through a movie.

Hogans Alley again

Part of Hogans alley

The FBI lab. Yep that's right when you're watching FBI movies and they say 'send it to the lab' this is the one they mean

Special agents Milissa and Sarah are breaking down the door.

September 11 memorial. in the shape of the twin towers (obviously) with a map of Pennsylviana on it marked where flight 93 went down. And the base is in the shape of a pentagon, very well done i must say.

Part of the running track. Jodie Foster runs past it in the movie.

A piece of the plane from flight 93, a piece of the Pentagon and part of the World Trade Centre.

That's Neal Sarah's host Dad. Nice Bloke.