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International Naval Ball

Location: Annapolis, USA

Here are a few photos from my first weekend away since i got to the US. Millissa, Karen and i took a little road trip to Annapolis Maryland to attend the International Naval Ball. It was a really fun weekend all round.

Me and Joe at the ball

Me in my dress ready to go to the International Naval Ball

Me, Karen and Milissa at the Ball

Me and some Navy boys

Close to the Harbour in Annapolis


Looking towrds Chesapeak bay bridge Annapolis

My first view of the ocean for over two months.

part of Annapolis harbour

looking towards Chesapeak bay bridge again

Me and Milissa near a blooming Cherry Blossim tree in Annapolis

Ma and Milissa eating lunch on sunday at the Double T Diner in Annapolis. Very American, just like the movies