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Location: Cobh, Ireland

The view out to Roches Point. The Titanic made her last port of call at Cobh (then called Queenstown - not exactly shocking that it was changed to the original Irish name as soon as the Brits gave up control of Ireland), and out there at the end of the habor is where she stopped and picked up passengers from shore in smaller boats. There's a picture in a local museum of the Titanic heading out to sea from this spot, and it's incredibly eerie - the last time anyone saw her...

The statue of Annie Moore and her brothers. Sailing from Cobh, they became the first immigrants to go through Ellis Island in the U.S. Literally tens of thousands of Irish followed in their footsteps and sailed out of Cobh to the States, especially during the Famine years of 1844-1848.

St. Colman's Cathedral. Begun 1868, completed 1915. Most churches in Ireland aren't typical "European cathedrals" like this one is - they're usually much smaller. St. Colman's is big because it was mainly funded by what the guidebook calls "nostalgic Irish communities in Australia and the USA." Bekah and I went to a candlelight Sunday night Mass when we were in town, and it was BEAUTIFUL.