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Roraima Trek

Location: Roraima Trek, Venezuela

First day- Dor crossing a small river...

Neta & Dor- before leaving for the trek at Paratipui Indian Village

Rainbow, first day

Roraima´s neighboure- first day

second day- the second river we crossesd- this is where Neta allmost fell in on the way back.

Crossing the first big river, Second Day, behind me you can see Steng- the first bastered belguim, and Hana- the bastard´s sister.

forth day- on top of Roraima!!!

third day up- before the waterfall, soked. we walked under it and got even wetter!

forth day- eating rocks! (i really wanted to take that..)

forth day- hiking the top.

fifth day- half way down, Roraima behind us! yes! we climbed that thing!

forth day- Dor observing the basterd belguims walking by and not noticing us, it was raining and we had no proper rain coats- so we waited for the rain to stop. they tattered by..