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In Ottawa

Family and parliment

L to R, Mackenzie, Maddison (my 2 cousins) and Uncle Geoff (Dad's brother)

Buzz in Heaven! (By heaven I mean chocolate turtles)

Ice Sculpture. I have a whole lot more photos from this place but am too lazy to put them all up. Will show you when i get home!

Buzz playing* with Moses, A 10 month old Chocolate Lab.

Buzz at the winterlude bar.

Buzz at Winterlude. An ice scuptule festival.

Buzz on the Canel doing his impersonation of me ice skating on the canel. I may have fallen down once or twice...

Buzz making snow angels!

Building to the side of parliment house. There is also a 3rd building like this on the other side, all together they are known as "the parliment buildings"

Parliment House in Canada.

Out the back of where I was staying when I first got to Otatwa (Geoff's place) This day was -34 Degrees.