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Zaphods - Part c

Final installment

We had been drinking....

Buzz went back for more!

Mandy. A girl from starbucks, her b/f was the DJ at zaphods that night.

This girl was sitting in the corner with 2 of her friends. None of them wanted their photo taken with buzz and we finally got one but she wouldn't show her face.

I can't remember the girls name but the 2 guys are Mandy's mates

Chubbs with one of the 2 girls that were making out. She was giving him a kiss for the camer. After this I said "The photo didn't work, try again" Chubbs was chuffed :-)

Buzz gets some more loving

I don't even remember when we took this photo and I really don't remember seeing this girl!!

We were waiting for the bus at the end of the night.