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Favelas of Paisopolis

Location: Paisopolis, Brazil

I dont really have that many pictures as I was reluctant to take out the camera. Leo did it for, but the pictures certainly dont show the extent of the favelas after seeing it with your own eyes.

Lunch is also provided for the students.

Tiago, Leo and Testa in front of the first school they started in Testa is now a regional co-ordinator.

This is at the other school on the border of the favelas in Paisopolis. All are teachering there except Tiago and Leo.

Leo in the classroom... where are the students?? Got sick of him I think.

And not 400m across to the right....

These are a series of three photos... this is the far left. The favelas.

One of the many streets in the favelas of Paisopolis..

Some fo the richest, most expensive apartments in São Paulo.

We stumbled on a nursey teaching the children here. All the kids were keen to look!

This is only one valley of 80,000 people living here.

Notice the tall building in the background? Quite the contrast. Looking from here it doesnt seem so bad. But when youre there its a different story.

This is Tiago... the man with the mission.