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Rio De Janeiro - Part 1

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

These are photos from an awesome trip to the north-ish side of Brasil..... Rio De Janeiro. As the place was too bloody beautiful, installments in two parts are found. Enjoy as much as I did!! (Ok, Ok Leo this is really not North, but it is North of São Paulo right??)

Still not at the top yet.

Just the beginning of the beauty. Not even at the top yet... of the Corcovado, which means `hunchback.

Cristo Redentor, or Christ the Redeemer, on top of the Corcovado.

Heres the top baby... I can still hear, `beautiful.. i just want you to know... by Snoop Dogg playing in my head... Anyone who has seen the videoclip know what I mean.

It is called Po de Acar because it is spose to look like a mound of sugar... illl let you make the call.

Leo and I at the top. The hill the the middle is called, `Po de Acar which means Sugarloaf.

Wheres Wally? (or Aiden). Ive got my hand up for those bright sparks.

I was careful not to fall off... Leo was worried though!!

The beach just adjacent the entenrance the Sugarloaf.

Here we are on top of the `Po de Acar. Have a look over my left shoulder to see the Cristo. This is also Leos cousin Tiago.

I guess we were lucky they upgraded from the old model lifts...

The same monkeys I saw in So Paulo.... HA LIAM!!! Heres the proof!!