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Rio De Janeiro - Part 2

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ok, I´m a little slow with the second part..... hey there was a futbol game to be played!!! Enjoy again!!

This is in a liitle town before Rio called Parati, and rich with history. We were lucky it rained, because the reflections from the water was magical.

The lovely girl next to Leo is his Aunty Eja. Ripper of an Aunt and let us stay there at her house. Next to her is Taigo, Leo´s cousin and his friend André and his girlfriend Juliana.

This picture is gorgeous dont you think?? Right next to the bay as well.

There is a ghost in this town.... oh wait its just me.

This is another town passed Rio de Janeiro, called Búzios. A tourist spot though you wouldnt know it....

See the reflection??? Awesome.

The weather got a hell of a lot better on the 2nd day. Check this beach out, and totally deserted.

Yes, let me explain. We asked another person, to take the picture of all of us, and as all travellers know, some just cant take pictures. So Leo volunteered and my arm is where he should be. Just imagine him!!

Ahhhhh.... this is what Brasil is meant to be!!

And another... apparently this is low season. We drank to that!!

I dont know these people... they just came and ran into the picture..

This is now a little north of Rio. Not sure of the name of the beach, but reminder me of boulders beach in Ballina. 40x better though..(im sorry Ballina, this is Brasil)