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Location: Bonito, Brazil

There were so many awesome photos to put up, but I really just couldnt be bothered, so you all will just have to wait til i get back to see them all. In the mean time have a look at these.

Here I am at the City Beach- forgot the name and portugese.... damn.

Here is Loki. A mate we met from Melbourne. Steve irwin style run up to an armidillo and pick it up- crazy bugger.

There was a place in Bonito where you could go and touch and hold Boas as well as learn some of the history of snakes and so forth. The guy actual got his love from snakes by living in AUS. Its a funny place AUS.

When we went ube riding, the hotel had a pet jaguar... It looked like a BIG cat, but absolutely gorgeous. I want one.

And heres a taste of what we saw.

This is the Rio Prata crew about the view the local wildlife!!

WHAT THA!!!??!! Oh, wait a sec. Thats just me.

And some more....

This is inside the cave. That rock formation there is called, The Guardian, as it sits in front of what looks like a doorway. The Guardian looks like Samara from The Ring if you ask me...

MMmmm... yes. A little bit scary. First I was like, `wow! its gorgeous.... wait a minute, we are in the water right next to the bastard.

As this is Maria and I climbing our way up the cave again.

Leo, Yo, Creig, and Maria about to venture into the freezing cold water.