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Location: Pantanal, Brazil

Pantanal also contains a lot of pictures which will be shared over beers... heres the few to wet the taste buds.

This is actually a mate jumping out of this tree. Leo missed the picture of me doing it, so just pretend its me for the time being. (yes, I have a picture of me climbing the tree so there is proof i did it, thanks you Liam)

This is Leo and I on the first day in the Pantanal. Boat trip on the river. You can see our guide Mario in the background...

These are giant Sea Otters. We were going to have to swim to go and see them, but, Mario is a jack of all trades and he called out to them and they came running towards us!! Scared the crap out of us for a sec!

This is the catch from Piranha fishing. We were in waist deep of water and I the Aussies in the water beat the Brits in amount of fish!! And there was inly 2 of us!! Cmon Aussie Cmon!!

A gorgeous we parrot.... one of thousands in the Pantanal

Small ant-eater up a tree.

Here Mario is with a tree frog he found.

This is Theunis recieving eyedrops... you see he was complaining about having sore eyes when Mario overheard and walked to the nearest tree, and chopped of some of the fruits, saying `do you trust me? Worked like a charm.... The Eye of the Tiger.

Bec, Ana (behind), Theunis, Leo and Mario as we stopped by the river....

All of a sudden Mario stops the boat and dives into a side bush and pulls out 2 baby alligators.. I want one.

And heres the Pantanal crew.

Sleeping quarters. Not that we could sleep. Bloody hot days and subzero nights... well it felt like it.