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Final Words

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Well, Brasil has come and gone, just as quickly as Argentina, but this is dedicated to those who made it special. Muito obrigado!!

The Philosopher and his brother Oliver... Thanks CHINESE for everything!!!! Your a bloody champion!!

The champ himself and Talita... always helping me from start to finish... MISS YOU BOTH ALREADY!!

Afterwards Antonio struggled to stand....

TD and Antonio showing me how it is done.

Isabel, Luiza and Flavia. Fondue specialists....

All the beautiful people that gave me the time of my life!! THANK YOU TO ALL!!

Almost the most important people in Brasil for me. Absolutely crazy... but love them anyway.

Antonion looking very guilty.. After a jealous start, I now love the man as if he was one of my own...

BUT HERE IS THE MAN OF THE MOMENT. Yes, you are the man!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MATE!! And ill see you in Oz!!