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Tuscany Travels

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Enjoy. Try to match the pictrues with the history.....

I dont know these people... they keep getting in the way- Piazza Della Repubblica.

Santa Maria Del Fiore. A little bit of detail eh?

Santa Croce. The facade is a little modest isnt it?? You can still see the back!!

After a quick, Focaccia on the Ponte Vecchio.

Another mate of mine. Leonardo Da Vinci. An imitation of the Vitruvian Man.

My mate Dav. Or Michs Dave as well.

Came across this orchestra playing.... not bad I say.

Always listen to Dante...

Go west!! In San Gimignano.

Romolo e Remo, and the lupo.

Even more keen eyes can spot the Guelfi style merli on the top of this tower... VERY KEEN EYES.

Keen eyes can see the Ghibellini style of Merli on the very top of this tower.