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Italian Gossip

Location: Rocca and Portico, Italy

Italians are famous for their gossiping. Apparently it is running rampent in the small towns of Italy, according to my sources... Madda and a young lass named Sophia.

According to my Rocca source, this is the epicentre of all the gossip... people use the windows as observation posts, for any foreign movement....

The little town of Rocca. Where Madda 'comes' from. However, only for the summer... therefore, wasnt accepted as a 'local.' The gossip starts....

Now in the village of Portico. Huge amount of 400 inhabitants, and not as bad as Rocca for gossip and small town mentality.

My not-so-secret sources. Sophia and Madda.

Another example of Portico's magical scenery.

But Portico was gorgeous. The landscape was surreal and I think Anna would be quite at home here.

And another, except with a difference... this 'eternal flame' is exacty that. Due to a natural gas 'leak' from deep underground. Rain or snow this keeps on burning....