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Hot Water Beach

Location: Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

This was amazing. Couldn't believe how hot it was.

15 Jun 2006, 3:45PM

Sarah taking pictures of people we don't know in the hot pools.

15 Jun 2006, 3:45PM

Just to prove I was there.

15 Jun 2006, 3:46PM

Oooh! It's a little hot. You can see all the steam rising from the sand.

15 Jun 2006, 3:45PM

Sar, maybe a little too close on this one. Don't think he minded though

16 Jun 2006, 9:23AM

Me cooking. Doing what I, well try, to do best.

15 Jun 2006, 3:57PM

Yeah right girls you know you didn't dig that hole

16 Jun 2006, 9:24AM

and well Sar, I believe you did that puzzle.

16 Jun 2006, 9:23AM

Kate doing what she does best.

16 Jun 2006, 10:18AM

Yes I know another rock, but that's our foot prints!

16 Jun 2006, 10:14AM

A nice lesuirely stroll down to the beach.

16 Jun 2006, 10:18AM

One more rock. It is pretty though.