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The Buried Village

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

This place was wiped out during a volcanic eruption and was later uncovered to reveal it's history. See I'm learning stuff too!!!

20 Jun 2006, 9:05AM

Another sign.

20 Jun 2006, 9:04AM

A Sign.

20 Jun 2006, 9:06AM

The local Pub.

20 Jun 2006, 9:05AM

This was the Rotomahana Hotel from the sign above.

20 Jun 2006, 9:12AM

A Boat.

20 Jun 2006, 9:10AM

A newspaper clipping from after the event.

20 Jun 2006, 9:17AM

You can see where the volcano was on here.

20 Jun 2006, 9:15AM

Landscape from the village. The Volcano that erupted is in the distance.