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Hells Gate and the Geysers

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

I really liked this place even though it was very smelly. Everywhere smelled of sulphur!

18 Jun 2006, 4:19PM

After hours of being sat in a car we decided to indulge in a Mud Pool and Spa.

Not actually Hell's Gate - or at least I hope

18 Jun 2006, 4:38PM

Relaxing by the spa.

18 Jun 2006, 4:19PM

So of course we got plastered in the stuff. Yes it was smelly too.

19 Jun 2006, 12:35PM

Pretty?!!! More scary I think.

19 Jun 2006, 12:29PM

The Geysers.

19 Jun 2006, 12:39PM

That is all steam and water coming from the geyers.

19 Jun 2006, 12:36PM

This looks a little better.