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A few Random Pics

Location: New Zealand, New Zealand

A few random pictures along our way through New Zealand, possibly one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen.

15 Jun 2006, 2:43PM

Landscape is amazing no wonder they wanted to film LOTR's here.

15 Jun 2006, 2:42PM

On our way to the Bay of Islands.

23 Jun 2006, 3:08PM


16 Jun 2006, 1:44PM

"I can sing a rainbow" We saw one almost every day for a week. That's how much it rained.

23 Jun 2006, 3:21PM

Check the date and time. Sarah out of the snow. How bizzare.

23 Jun 2006, 3:08PM

Sarah in the snow.

23 Jun 2006, 3:47PM

My word there's loads!

23 Jun 2006, 3:47PM

We had to pause for a while to wait for some sheep to cross the road.

23 Jun 2006, 9:41PM

Now look what you've gawn and done. You broke it! Katie Pickford!

23 Jun 2006, 9:37PM

Naughty Katie trying to steal Sarah's bed.