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Fox Glacier Half Day Hike

Location: Fox Glacier, New Zealand

After the helicopter ride we decided to walk up the glacier and see it from the bottom up. Hard work but worth it.

28 Jun 2006, 4:20PM

These were the steps we had to climb.

28 Jun 2006, 4:08PM

Don't fall down the mulan!!!

28 Jun 2006, 4:32PM

The girls on top of a glacier.

28 Jun 2006, 4:30PM

I knew I'd make it.

28 Jun 2006, 4:41PM

Me in a crevess. Thank Alan it didn't collapse.

28 Jun 2006, 4:32PM

The boys made it too.

28 Jun 2006, 4:52PM

Down the tiny steps we go.

28 Jun 2006, 4:52PM

Me again in a much smaller crevess.