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Pulau Langkawi

Location: Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

A further page for Langkawi, as it was so beautiful and I didn't realsie I took so many pictures.

The view from the lookout inland.

The fantastic view out across the coastline of Langkawi from cable car viewpoint.

The route the cble car took up from the base to the summit.

A further view of the islands beauty from another angle.

Me at the viewpoint at the top station. Look at that amazing view behind me.

The view from the first cable car station up to the second on the left as well as the bridge.

The view across the vast jungle of the inner island.

Shots of the coastline from the top.

Jen on the really cool bridge, which gave great views.

Me again with the amazing rainforest behind.

The islands name means strong eagle. So at the port into the island there is this impressive eagle statue.

This shows the cable cars going between the first and second stations.