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before the return

Location: Guatemala

I am just catching up on some pictures from the BE (before edmonton) era.

Me...hiking...with my bag...kind of a recurring theme on my trip

The peak of volcan Tajamulca looms in the background. This is Arnie, a quetzaltrekkers guide, who I later heard was shot in the leg by accident at a border crossing in Mexico. I think is is doing alright but I donīt think he will be hiking this again any time soon.

Women setting their weaving at Chichicastenango, one of the biggest markets in Guatemala

Sunset at El Tunco in El Salvador

Kayaking along the Rio Dulce (Sweet River) in Guatemala

Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Pacific Ocean in Livingston, Guatemala

House on the Rio Dulce...not such a bad place to live if you ask me.

Part of the bar, this is just an idea of what the entire thing looks like which is huge.

The enterance to the most incredible bar on the Bay Islands in Honduras. It took 13 years for a guy from San Fran to build this but it is amazing. It looks like a dream you had as a kid but never thought would actually materialize.

On top of the volcano 4200feet above sea level