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Bits and Pieces of Nicaragua

Location: Leon-Padre Ramos, Nicaragua

These are of the final days working with Quetzaltrekkers and of Padre Ramos, a beautiful stretch of beach 12km long and completely deserted. Heaven!!!!

8 Aug 2006, 1:11PM

Kind of though the men at work sign was entertaining considering I passed it about 15 times and only saw the actual men once.

8 Aug 2006, 8:35AM

Hana giving an english lesson to Roberto Carlos, a local street kid.

15 Aug 2006, 9:32AM

At the end of a hike, 3 french canadian clients and a Nica women.

14 Aug 2006, 12:31PM

Painted on the weather station on top of Volcan Telica. It says "live withough killed time", yeah I get it, TV is bad but give me a break, I do miss it from time to time.

18 Aug 2006, 12:05PM

Not exactly the safest way for these students to ride home from school.

18 Aug 2006, 11:51AM

Riding on top of the bus I watched this guy at work. His job is to unload the huge packages from the roof as people get off, often while the bus is still moving.

18 Aug 2006, 5:10PM

As you can imagine I was to busy taking pictures to find cover before it started storming.

18 Aug 2006, 5:05PM

the cloud that rolled in on my sunset.

19 Aug 2006, 7:52PM

Me swabbing myself with calamine lotion after the hundreds of mosquito bites I endured.

19 Aug 2006, 10:37AM

12km of beach and not a sole in the world around.

19 Aug 2006, 3:53PM

When we got back to Leon it was pouring rain, these kids were doing their best to keep their stall from going under.

19 Aug 2006, 10:36AM

More beach