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Some People Along the Way

Location: Costa Rica

Here´s a few shots at some of the people I´ve met along the way, mostly in Costa Rica

28 Jul 2006, 3:35PM

Getting a little latin lovin´from my lovely friend Luis

16 Jul 2006, 9:28PM

Hana, my tried and true travelling friend, and myself

25 Aug 2006, 3:28AM

Walking home after the bar

25 Aug 2006, 12:23AM

Me and a cat that wouldn´t leave our room for the 4 days we were in Tamarindo

25 Aug 2006, 5:55AM

He deserves two pictures, he´s just that good

25 Aug 2006, 5:55AM

Johny, my ideal man, he´s a Costa Rican surf instructor in Tamarindo and is one of the sweatest people in the world.

1 Sep 2006, 12:01AM

at a bar in Puerto Viejo, on the carribean side of Costa Rica. some french boys and Hana´s friend, also called Hannah, who flew in a couple days before.

31 Aug 2006, 9:46PM

another of Hana and myself

1 Sep 2006, 1:20AM

Man who lives in a tree in Puerto Viejo...well at least he did until Hana got drunk and accidently peed on it, he was not impressed.

1 Sep 2006, 12:15AM

Of all the places in the world Calgary is proudly represented in a little bar in Puerto Viejo...I was so excitted I made the waiter pose.

1 Sep 2006, 2:23AM

Hannah and a man who constructed a grasshopper for her out of a leaf, what a way to charm a girl.