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Beautiful Central America

Location: Costa Rica

This is where I get all arty and start taking pictures of flowers and sunsets and all, who knew I was so romatic!

22 Aug 2006, 4:28PM

Beach San Juan del Sur

22 Aug 2006, 4:19PM

Sunset in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

27 Aug 2006, 5:01PM

hey, another sunset! but this one is at Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica. Que Bueno

22 Aug 2006, 5:03PM

More sunset San Juan del Sur

3 Sep 2006, 5:20PM

Saw this female trianchula on a night hike in Monteverde, Costa Rica, a beautiful cloud forest.

31 Aug 2006, 10:40AM

Flowers in Costa Rica, apparently they only bloom for a day but they are so beautiful. these two together reminded me of my sister and me (please donīt laugh, I told you I was becoming sappy in my old age).

5 Sep 2006, 9:53AM

flower in Monteverde calle "Hot Lips".

5 Sep 2006, 10:28AM

I went on a 3 hour hike with two very nice, very slow, Dutch girls who insisted on taking picuters of absolutely everything. The hike turned into 6 hours and I joined in on the fotos.

6 Sep 2006, 1:27PM

Hummingbirds in Monteverde, there were dozens wizzing by our heads.

5 Sep 2006, 12:53PM

Plant that looked a lot like a little man to me, check out the eyes.

6 Sep 2006, 1:26PM

other hummingbird, or maybe the same one, who can tell