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Location: San cristobal and palenque, Mexico

Just a couple pics of San Cristobal, by far my favorite city, in Chiapas Mexico. Though I came to hang out with the Zapatistas I got to see the beautiful character of the town. The rest is of Palenque, Mexico which is the home of Mayan ruins hidden in the jungle.

church in the town square in San Cristobal

Little Pauncho. The 4 week old pitbull living at my hostel in san cristobal

Agua Claro in Palenque

This is what i get for suntanning in Playa del Carmen. I peeled for 2 weeks after

Bridge at Agua Claro in Palenque

waterfall in Palenque, Mexico where the movie "The Predator"was filmed

On top of a ruin in Palenque

swimming at Agua Azul in Palenque

one of the main temples in Palenque.

I had to climb all of them

taking a break to check out the view from the top