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Surfari- Stop 2, Pebbly Beach

Location: Pebbly Beach, Australia

Stop 2 Pebbly beach, this was our favourite place on the trip!

Note the condition of the other tents.

Our tent was attacked by Philly and D-rock (the crazy monkey's of the trip).

Sunrise over the dunes.

Ruths sleeping bag was suposidly stolen mean while she just didnt take it out the bus, so she resorted to a towl for a blanket and a bunch of tops for a pillow.

Phil checking out the chicks through the camara zoom!

Sheep filming the surfing ontop of the surfari truck.

A normal day on the surfari trip!

D-rock preparing himself for his and Phil's first ever attempt at the tandom beer drinking surf (which they succeeded in).

a bandacoot, looks like a dussie but the ozzies rate it's a cross between a kangaroo and a huge rat.

bonding around the camp fire.

LUNCH TIME !!!!!!!!!