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Surfari- Our buddies

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

All the awsome people we met on tour.

Anastatia, Surfer chick 1 and surfer chick 2.

Our crew in front of cpt. Good Vibes.

Outside our dorm.

surfer chick 2 introducing to us the Arts Factory map (corts' marking the most important spots).

Sarah and Dave in the common room bringing it in for the real thing.

chilling in the common room at Arts Factory.

mat, phil, surfer chick 1, robbi and surfer chick 2.

mat and Robbi resorting to lip gloss due to sunburnt and chapped lips.

Us and Jack, the main surf instructor.

Us with Sheep the camara man and surf instructor at our dinner.

Andy, sufer chick 2 and sarah at Budda Bar.

Drunk Canadians on the bus, Ledgends.