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More Milford Sound

Location: More Milford!, New Zealand

Milford Sound - can you see any dolphins??? nope me neither

Milford Sound Tree Slide - this happens every so often and takes a staggering 75 years to re-grow!

Check out the scale - that white boat seats 200 people - 1 of the cliffs was 1 mile high - the highest sea cliff face in the world (probably, arguably, most likely to be....etc etc - no it was....really)

There they are - bottle nose dolphins

Look I don't look sick..or do your eyes McIntosh

The Tasman Sea - bit choppy - but we're not sick

Get it together McIntosh - and what does that hat say?

Ooooohh Choppy - more waves

Spot the fish - answers on an email please

Underwater Observatory - starfish-tastic

emmm - water? Mmm nice but cold (we tried)

View from observatory deck