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West Coast and Farewell Spit

Location: West Coast and Farewell Spit, New Zealand

I look scared 'cos the pole was 10ft high and caroline isn't the fastest photographer.

West Coast beauty, dark sands and many coastal rock formations.

The Longest Swingbridge in the Southern Hemisphere; allegedly; reported to be; has been said to be; is often quoted as; it could be said that; someone once remarked that it maybe amongst the.....

View from campsite at Buller.

Honk, honk ! for those of you who asked for more photos of the campervan...

Standing in a pathway leading thru a trench fromed by recent earthquake activity; as you can see, i'm not scared. abandoned gold-miners wife.

oooh, an abandoned gold-miner cottage, i wonder what's inside...

The spit lighthouse.

Farewell spit, as far as the eye can see.

Highwinds cause constant sandstorms and ever-shifting lanscapes on the dunes.

The lighthouse and cottage.