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Cajon Del Maipo

Location: Chile

The Andes and our camp site

The trip to our easter camping experience

Andes and the Rio (river) Maipo

nick (from gatwick) philly (from chile) lilly (from the pond) and alex (from the galaxy)

Girls looking happy
(promise they are just in really great moods!!??!!)

Me taking a photo of alex+Andes, whilst shes taking photos of the Andes???????

Cajon Del Maipo and the valley

This was our crib/tent/party place
and yes all 5 of us slept in that tent

Alex and the Andes it doesnt get better than that!!!

A cool waterfall on our trek into the reserve..

Its not our fault we are both really, really, really ridiculously good looking!!! (blue steel, you cant teach that)

Alex and Philly, having a kareokee session with the mielie, and yes Alex is licking the mielie