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My Singapore stop over

These are a collection of my short stop over in Singapore while i was on my way to New Zealand. I was hosted by Pam and Philip who showed me all of the wonderful things that Singapore had to offer and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was in Singapore for about 4 days.

4 Dec 2005, 3:45AM

This is one huge ship that I had to get a shot of!

4 Dec 2005, 3:45AM

I was on an island off Singapore called Sentoza Island-I was on the sky tower while taking this photo, it over looks the main land of Singapore.

This was in the middle of a shopping centre-the build up of xmas here was amazing-they went all out! I've never seen anything like it!

This is the lino-mermaid thing. Honestly i have no idea what the hell it is, but it's big and it looks imporant so I thought I'd take a pic! ;-) (typical blonde)

Orchard Road-the main shopping road in Singapore-I was blown away-they even have shops underground! -shocked my little cape town socks off to the MAX

Me doing some spending-whats new hey mom?

I went on a long walk round the botanical gardens and went into the orchid garden-the orchid is the singapore national flower

The most amazing Xmas lights in the world!!! (philly-it was the most incredible thing in the world!!!)

Pretty!!!!!!! Actually I was just trying something out on my camera and it worked!