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Tanzania-Boona Baana Orphanage

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

All my little children! Front right- Mandara, Eric, Malinga, Eliza, Angel, Neighbour, Amina, Issack. Back right Jackson, Samwel, Liton, Linus

Blessings from everyone at Boona Baana for all that contributed to our assortment of goodies! We got toasters( the kids had never had toast before!), water filter, food processor, plates, cup, cutlery, clothes, shoes... the list goes on, and the grateful smiles were so big!!

My classroom (a big shack!) teaching the boys LifeSkills- we did English and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Some of the gang in the backyard

My class of boys!

My farewell party that the boys organised for me, with my lovely wooden carving!

Eric and I this kid is a champion

The corner near the main road in SInza - just near where i stayed!

My farewell party I got given beautiful Cangas- sarongs from Jenifer the house mum and the 2 ladies that work there. The kids wrapped me in them!

Elba is such a sweety! Its one of Marco and Brookes little girls

This was Aminas birthday and my farewell, what a night!!! Notice the football fans cheering under the table!!!