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Greece and Italy

Location: Italy

Walking along side this make the pain alot easier!

Well even the locals thought we were crazy doing a 3 hour walk to see the sunset!! Well wroth the sweat though!

Cara a photo of me so you can rememebr what i look like!!!

21 hour ferry ride... we scored some deck chairs. Carrie and I had great night under the stars

Katrina and I on our personal yacht tour! ( a friend or a friend or hers had a boat and we got to tag along!!!)

The famous santorini sunset!

Florence has been the highlight of italian cities for me...gorgeous place

The Taree Gals at Ciao Ciao for our morning cino and crossaint! Sardenia great times!

On the ferry, Hugo my friend from Argentina and his two little ones Gian Lucas and Valentino

St marcos Square... such an enormous place!

Gian Lucas and I at the top of the bell tower

The Papa Family