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Location: Paris, France

Paris, so beautiful and so much fun!!!

The Sacre Coeur - watching the breakdancers!

Watching the sunset at the Sacre Coeur - such an amazing view over Paris!

The Arc de Triomph! We drove 2 laps around this in the bus and it was NUTS!!

Moulin Rouge

Us in the gardens outside the Louvre. This day was soo hot, it felt like we were in a desert.

More beautful Paris sights

FREE TICKETS TO THE FRENCH OPEN! Yes, we did. Women's semi-finals were great.

What the? Mel stop pulling your dress up for the military men.......haha

Yes, we look ugly in this photo. But we had to put one of us outside the Eifel Tower at night on the boat cruise. I think we were pretty pissed at this point. This was BEFORE getting back on our bikes and going nuts...

We rode bikes all around Paris at sunset! It was sooo amazing. This was us doing wheelies around the Louvre :)