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Bruges - not a big place

Location: Bruges, Belgium

We spent 2 great nights in Bruges, the home of beer and waffles!

We hired bikes (yes, more bikes) and rode to the seaside town nearby...

Markt Square in Bruges

Snuffles Backpackers Hostel. Best bar in town!!!!

Yes, we did go swimming in the North Sea!!! Verrrrry cold water. Thats mel behind me in the black bikini after all the beer and waffles in Bruges. haha

Yes, we DID make some friends. promise.

Eating pasta out of cups in the beautiful park in Bruges. We got some locals to show us the 'real' sites.

Waffles!! soo yummy.

Moooore beer. oh god. This is a 'ladies' beer as it comes in a pretty glass, but it tasted horrible! sooo strong. i dont know about those belgian women...