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Prague and Cesky krumlov

Location: Prague and Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Heres a few more pics from Prague and some from the lovely Cesky Krumlov!

Beautiful buildings.

Getting our fruit fix for the 1st time in ages from the Prague fruit markets.

In the Old Town Square

Mel and the Soccer crew.

Thanks for the washing line Fi!! Doing washing in a river side cabin!

On the one of only 2 bridges in Cesky Krumlov. Very small place but very pretty!

Some nurses at the hostel in Cesky

The was the best ice cream! They mixed fresh berries into it and blended it all together. Cold rock eat your heart out.

The view from the Castle tower. Note the RAPID that we went down in our RAFT! There were many more of these in the river...

There were 3 bears in the mote at the castle! RANDOM!

The buildings in Cesky Krumlov, again from the tower.