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Location: Mykonos, Greece

Here are some of our photos from the crazy and beautiful Mykonos! Sooo fun.

The beautiful town in Mykonos. Note the extreme wind...

Dried octopus...... mmmmm

Petros the Pelican right before he bit Bridge

oooooooooo cant remember what this was! but isnt it pretty

And again. What idiots. haha We had old people taking photos of us because we were so funny. tourist attraction?

MYKONOS!!!!! haha us with our girlies from Sydney out on the town, rather large night... we decided this was the new sign for Mykonos. what gangsters. This sign creation was repeated on each island.. Ios was the easiest to remember.

Us at some random bar

More rowdy times. NO idea what we were thinking.

Belinda our guide, and Bridge, very drunk.

complete idiots.

No idea what we were trying to capture here, but note the boobs.

Paradise Beach!! What a fun place....