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Gettin in Some Tourist Action

Location: Tourist Villa, UK

You cant go to England i guess and not take some happy snaps of the tourist spots...we spent a morning wandering from our hotel this was around the corner...and up the street a little

Queens Pad - The Buckster

Hmm not sure why this is in here again - but atleast note the sweet accom...complete with dude wishing he had finished school holding the tan sign!!!

Gold Jerry - out the front of the Un-employed persons home - somewhere for people to sit and ponder not working

Trying to look like i care being out the front of the richest un-employed person in the this is where my NI payments are going

Big Benzee - For those up for a spot of trivia, big ben itself is not the clock tower, but the bells...yisss the bells are called big ben..booyah - hales doing the tourist shot

Gates..nothing to see here really except I've been here

Eye of London, around 18 for a frickin ferris wheel so you can see london's greyness from a higher view....why wouldcha?

Backing her up for photo-op me infront of big ben

Another shot of the battle of britain memorial - i even found out a laycock on the memorial list!!!

Thought i would try and take a good photo for once, luke colgan may be proud?? or not, anyways its from the battle of britain memorial -

Llllllllllondon bridge - not falling down

Jade n Sof - hayleys cousin and sister at London in the background on a phone interview that secured me a job at MasterCard - see the effort i go into for jobs!!!