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Our African Safari and Tour

Location: Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is roughly 1 mile wide and 420 ft. high. We visited at the end of the rainy season so the falls were at their peak of fullness.

22 Mar 2006, 10:01AM

Leaving the US for the continent of Africa

At the Victoria Falls Hotel, we were constantly entertained by monkeys who ran rampant ON the hotel and on the grounds.

Spray from the falls on the left; the Zambezi river and bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia. This is where the world's 2nd largest bungee jump is located (in the center of the bridge) And - NO - Jan did not jump.

A Masai gift shop - the Masai are known as fierce warriors and herdsmen. Young Masai boys begin herding at the age of 5! Easy to identify because of their bright red and purple colored clothing.

Jan's enjoying breakfast and coffee at the Arusha Coffee Lodge where we spent one night on our way to the Crater.

Jan and I on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater in Arusha, Tanzania. The crater is 10 miles across and is home to every imaginable animal except giraffe who cannot climb down the steep crater walls.

These hyenas (mother and child) are resting on the side of the trail. We watched the mother catch a gazelle and give it to her baby to eat!

Zebra were very docile and beautiful!

My favorite critters - the velvet monkey's.

Just a couple of cute cats sleeping in the morning sun!