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Beautiful Day in Kettering

Location: Kettering, USA

24 Jul 2006, 11:47AM

Too cute!

24 Jul 2006, 11:46AM

Ed loves the new patio door. He's got his eyes on chipmunk central!

24 Jul 2006, 11:51AM

Margaret, these are the castor bean plants from your folk school seeds. The animals aren't eating these, but have eaten the sweet pea and purple hyacinth! :P

24 Jul 2006, 11:51AM

Ed's loving this warm day.

24 Jul 2006, 11:52AM

Margaret, your plant finally found a spot it likes. This amazing new leaf is about 6" long! and there's a new bud coming up too.

24 Jul 2006, 11:51AM

I planted sunflowers and black-eyed Polch's in the bottom left corner this morning and covered it with screening (after i took this picture). The watermelon are getting very "leggy!"

24 Jul 2006, 11:54AM

The lavender is coming along well and getting ready to flower.

24 Jul 2006, 11:53AM

The cucumber trellis

24 Jul 2006, 11:54AM

I only have 2 tomato plants but they are both so full of tomatoes, I'm sure I'll be giving them away soon!!