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Matsumoto and Rice Farming

Location: Japan

side view - there's 5 floors but technically there is a sixth its a hidden floor that you can't see from the outside. This is where the warlord hides!

Here's the big picture of Matsumoto castle - i love the guy taking a picture in the front row!

The stairs are made very very narrow and very high steps to prevent people from ascending quickly.

Side or back - not too sure which way is actually the front but notice the two women in the picture are wearing kimonos!

So rice is cut and stack up like so.....

The view from the castle. If you look closely under the red branches there is a line up of women in kimonos waiting to participate in a tea ceremony. A traditional ceremony and when I learn more about it I'll let you all know!

...then a tractor cuts the excess and puts it into piles where it is then burnt - right there in the field!!

....and then hung like so for a couple of weeks (until it dries up enough)...

The only bridge to the castle that's still left standing!

Another picture showing one of the sections for the tea ceremony. Taken from the castle about half way up - the red and white striped tent is where the ceremony takes place.