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Kamikochi - the japan alps

Location: Japan

There are trails that weave in and out of the mountains but somehow you're never alone! Always a lot of people around you which is nice in a way!

There was many different types of trails - this boardwalk was a common one.

A little different boardwalk - it is actually about 5-6 feet off the ground but nature has grown all around it!

Spectacular views all around!

Another great view - look closely and you can see the giant herd of people!

Well this was really exciting for me because I got to see many wild monkeys - baboons

Myojin Pond - it's an actual protected area even though it doesn't seem much different than the rest of the park!

Myojin Bridge - fun when walking with many people because everyone bounces around like they've been drinking too much!

Everything here is left to its own - no controlling nature like Canadian parks do! People respect it too and don't destroy it or walk off the trails and most of all they only take pictures!

Fall colors! Can't believe it's already end of October

A lot of people sat around painting or drawing the mountains - this one in the background is Mount Okuhotakadake. You can see some snow on the peaks from last weekends cold weather.

Some women wore heels and skirts while men wore suits half the time. Some men still on cell phones doing business or something but generally a much different population compared to hikers/trekkers in Canada.