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Salzburg, August 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

look to the from right hand corner. You can't see it well, but those stockings say 'mozart rebel' and I own a pair! Oh yeh. Ignore the hideous underwear on the left tho. There are lingerie shops everywhere in Salzburg. Odd

Mozart's birth house on getreidegasse. This is now a very swanky street full of tourists and expensive shops.

Good Old Salzburg. Fortree up the top, cathedral the big green dome.


I haven't been here, but Mel has. hehe. this is the gazebo from the sound of music :)

From one of the bridges. Thats the way we rode our bikes.

Awesome photo looking at the city through Mirabell Gardens

The main festival house, with the 3 main halls in it. Been in them all, huzzuh :)

Good light on the Fortress before the opera.

Thats Mel and Edward on a random adventure :)

The Vienna Phil with Boulez and lang lang.

Statue at entrance to Mirabell. Some guy seemed to think this was a good thing to do and was standing on a ladder taking photos. How bizarre.