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Fraser and surrounds

Location: Australia

Photos are from our journeys on Fraser Island and the coast between Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.

An Australian Slatey (Sweetlip) caught on west side of Fraser

Cruising along on inland (two way) sand trails on Fraser.

He found some!

This guy was hanging around camp watching us fish... looking for any scraps of bait or fish heads......

Dingoes and coastline at Ungowa in late afternoon sun.

Sunset at Ungowa on Fraser's south west coast.

What happens when you ignore the Midges and concentrate on the fishing! I tell you what - they itched - the arms were as bad!

Maintenance at Ungowa.

Warralie Creek Campsite - also on the western side of Fraser about half way up.

Mat at Lake McKenzie - one of Fraser's many inlasnd fresh water lakes.

The first damper of the trip from our camp oven. Treacle, butter and fire mmmmmm....

The fishing results at Burrum Coast National Park - 30kms south east of Bundaberg.