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Pelicans being Pelicans on the sand flats of Alva Beach.

Jesse all grins with a nice big Flatty at Alva Beach.

What a view! Townsville in the foreground and Magnetic Island in the background (remember when our sports ovals were that green?)

Mat chasing some much needed sleep in the shade on the Twonsville esplanade.

A rock and a tree hanging out at Horeshoe Bay. (There is an eagles nest on top of the rock).

The beach at Townsville and Mangnetic ilsland across the water.

Grooming time for the seagulls in the afternoon sun.

Zantherea's growing on the top of hthe ridge on magnetic island.

The view north from West Point beach.This is as far north as the road goes.

Mat strutting (or something) on West Point beach on magnetic island.

Wetting a line on sunset from West Point beach.

"Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints