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Location: Tahiti, French Polynesia

Some Pictures of our stay in Tahiti

2 Aug 2006, 6:18AM

Darryl (kiwi Guy) and Me at the Fi,Fi over looking the Airport...

1 Aug 2006, 8:49AM

Our Flight destination from Sydney to Tahiti, (On board entertainment)

2 Aug 2006, 7:05AM

The Ocean pool at the back of Macca´s, Reef just offshore...

2 Aug 2006, 7:03AM

The Mcdonalds in Tahiti, (1 of 2)

2 Aug 2006, 9:43AM

Some guy trying to kill himself, funny enough he landed upright.

2 Aug 2006, 7:07AM

Macca´s Anyone?

2 Aug 2006, 9:35AM

The beach, Black sand

2 Aug 2006, 9:26AM

Mountains behind the lettuce Farm...

2 Aug 2006, 11:19AM

Grotte Vaipoiri

2 Aug 2006, 11:18AM

This is where our bus driver dropped us off for free. He took dads money which was worth aus and we thought that we had lost it but he dropped us off here and gave the money back, so we were happy...

2 Aug 2006, 2:55PM

We we had our last dinner in Tahiti, at the night market, called Roullettes

2 Aug 2006, 1:24PM

Chappel in the middle of Papeetee