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Easter Island 1/2

Location: EASTER ISLAND, Chile

Some Photos That We Took While Over In Easter Island Around Aug the 4th 06

3 Aug 2006, 1:42AM

Our flight in, couldnt see any statues.

2 Aug 2006, 8:27PM

The Best Plane EVER... everything, i´m amazed the sreen didnt have internet.

Our first Moai that we saw, yay

3 Aug 2006, 2:03AM

Was a sad moment, leaving home.

Some Moai in the distance over the crystal clear water.

One of the only entrances for boats, see the water, t´was like we were in Tahiti again where in the harbour you could see the bottom.

One of the moai platform´s.

Me greeting a Moai in the distance, i think these are the ones that the re erected. I think he likes me. Theres a fist time for everything.

This guy was the only one that was on his knee´s as if he was praying to the mountain. The Most famous Moai platform as you can see in the bacground was re erected as they were washed inland when they had a title wave, one 5km inland.

This is where they mined the rock from, these guys never made it down to the beach front.

The most famous Moai platform as mentioned. 15 in all...

Trying to intimidate the sad and depressed face.